System Integration

system integration

We‘s certified network engineers will help your organization design your enterprise-wide network and communication infrastructure utilizing cutting edge technology to achieve reliable and cost-efficient infrastructure.

The unavoidable convergence of corporate network into internet has raised new risks that open corporate network vulnerability to outside attacks and data stealth. With computer hackers routinely break into corporate, government, online banking and other networked environment, network security must be high on your list of important matters to get right up front.

we‘s network engineers can help your organization assess your organization network security and propose initiatives to countermeasure the risks.

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Globalization. Increased competitive threats. New regulatory measures. Rising costs. Volatile market conditions.

To effectively deal with business pressures, your company must transform itself into a leaner, faster and more agile enterprise. But with past fixes having been piled onto mission-critical systems, the result is a rigid and inflexible information technology (IT) architecture.

As intra and inter-organization data exchange becomes more critical to today business, we provide system integration services to build data exchange between various application and hardware platforms.

We‘s dedicated Account Managers and Network Engineers are devoted to producing timely System integration services.

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Cabling installation is the process of providing the medium through which information moves from one network device to another. There are several types of cable in common use today, chosen based on whether the network is to carry data, voice, or video traffic or some combination of the three.

we provide cabling system installation services to enterprise customers. We can handle network installation throughout an entire building or for a single office.

Let Intikom’s experience and expertise in cabling installations help you avoid the common mistakes when implementing a Data, Voice or Video network.

Inquire about our cabling system solutions today!


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