Garut sheep livestock profits

20 05 2009

Often there are many people who misunderstand when distinguish between sheep and goats. Unique is better known delicacy sate sate sheep than goats.

Are sheep and goats over the same? Or indeed both types of livestock that different? Basically, the sheep and goats, is a type of livestock that are grass-eater ruminansia small, both the population was almost evenly spread and there in the world. But when we see visual physical carefully so different from the goats, sheep. Body postures sheep tend to be more rounded than the goat that slim.

Lobe and long-eared goats. The form of wool are more wavy and curls so that it can be used as a wool wool while another case with goats, which tend straight.

Livestock sheep which have now is a suspected human dometikasi results of 3 types of wild sheep: Sheep Mouflon from Europe and South Asia Small, Argali sheep from Southeast Asia and from Asia Urial. This sheep was initially to be hunted in the wild eventually diternakkan by humans. Compared with cattle, pigs, horses and water buffalo as a fellow animal ruminansia, livestock sheep first have commercial value since 7000 century BC. Even in the presence of Indonesian livestock sheep can be seen in relief circa 800 BC to the Borobudur Temple. Olehkarenanya not surprising the number of the sheep population is far more than the goat world. Data Food Agricultural Organization (FAO) in 2002, the number of sheep of the world population of approximately 1,034 billion while the goat head, only about 743 million. Largest population of sheep and goats in the country is China Bamboo curtains, where the state is Australia’s second biggest for sheep and goats to India.

As part of the national animal husbandry sector, the demand Percentage sheep and goat meat in Indonesia is still far below the sub sector animal husbandry, such as chicken / poultry (56%), beef (23%) and pigs (13%). According to Director General. Livestock Deptan RI-2005, the consumption of meat sheep and goats in the community is still very low which is only about 5%. However, when the potential needs of meat animals in the livestock is more or less each year about 5.6 million chickens to sacrifice the needs of worship only, and not including the need to supply aqiqah, a restaurant industry to sate pavement stalls that require 2 – 3 per head day, the population growth in sheep and goats is not comparable with the number of requests increased. Potential has not yet calculated the market needs in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Singapore, and the Middle East each year that require more than 9.3 million sheep tails. Where the demand for sheep meat supply of the Middle East region still met by Australia and New Zealand. Miris indeed, in which India as a country with a population of Muslim people in the world actually have more opportunity for that.

The growth of sheep and goat population in India is relatively small while the demand continues to increase over the number of residents and improving the welfare of the community income. Not impossible akan occur when a scarcity of meat production of sheep and goats so that the sacrifice of worship will be imported from Australia or New Zealand. In Indonesia, the presence of sheep and goat population is almost evenly spread across the region. Unfortunately maintenance of cattle sheep and goats in this country are mostly still in small scale and traditional. Unlike the Australians, the pattern with the support intensive farming technologies have made the country can produce large-scale sheep production and quality. Just imagine, the total Australian lamb exports to the country of Saudi Arabia in 2006 was equivalent to 3.6 million head.

Livestock population of sheep and goats, the largest at the end of the year 2006 in the province of West Java area, namely approximately 3.5 million head or about 49% of the national population. In this province, there is even the type of livestock which is a small ruminansia property sperm plasma Indonesia and became characteristic of the province known as the nickname is Parahyangan earth. Garut sheep, Ovies Aries, the sheep is the result of crossing the nation’s 3 family sheep: Merino, Australia, Africa, and from Kaapstad Ekor fat Java in Indonesia. Java Ekor fat sheep already exists since long as the type of local sheep, Merino sheep brought by Dutch traders to Indonesia, while the sheep Kaapstad Arab traders brought to the land of Java around the 19th century.

Garut sheep is a type of tropical sheep is profilik that can bear more than two (2) tails in 1 cycle of birth. Where in the period of 1 year, Garut Lamb can experience the birth of 2 cycles. Lamb has a weight average in the top of the other Indonesian local sheep. Rams can have a weight of about 60 – 80 kg even have that can reach more than 100 kg. Meanwhile, sheep have many female between 30 – 50 kg. Physical characteristics, namely male Garut sheep horn, neck big and strong, with the color white, black, brown or a mixture of three. The female sheep horn is not dominant, but even if a small horn with a similar color pattern rams. Garut sheep is the sperm plasma terlangka postures in the world because livestock is nearly resembles Bison in the USA. Sheep Population Garut in Indonesia of course is in the province of West Java with the spread of locations, including: Garut, Majalengka, Kuningan, Cianjur, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Bandung, Sumedang, Indramayu and Purwakarta. Maybe some people are almost the livestock Domba Garut sheep is identical with the complaints that boast compete in the stunt arena.

Garut sheep is exotic livestock. Memanglah correct at this time when the people in the province of West Java are still compete stunt like sheep, but will need to be straightened compete stunt arena that is now not to fight 2 rams head until blood efflux point. Changes have been made by the farmer organization Sheep Goat Association of Indonesia (HPDKI) which is currently led by Drs. H.A.M Sampurna, MM. as general chairman and Drs. H. Uu Rukmana as chairman of West Java province. Arena compete dexterity at this time to be more art arena
and culture that is at the inter bertemunya breeder, penghobi, show room, transaction quality seeds sheep and tourism object.

Some names, such as kang Ibing, puppeteer Asep Sunarya is a name that is known as the owner of the sheep and penghobi Garut quality. Hobbies keep livestock Garut Lamb guaranteed not less kepuasannya akan keeping with other types of animals such as cats, fish, and so forth. Satisfaction when a horn sheep Garut male and can grow to the maximum or the beauty of color and marking produced. Boots, cowboy hat, black clothing is characteristic penghobi arena when it comes to art and culture compete dexterity. And do not wrong, the price of 1 head of cattle sheep Garut male quality can be penghobi valued above 10 million rupiah even the hundreds of million rupiah.

But feared that should the current population is Garut sheep shrink the more the quality and can be endangered in which the back-off with nature profilik too. Lack of serious attention to the business sector of the population Garut Lamb superior found quite difficult. And this also makes livestock Garut sheep to sacrifice the needs of worship the more expensive price. As expressed by Drh. Zulkifli Abdul-Jabbar as the Secretary-General Himpunan Goat Sheep farmer Indonesia HPDKI) in discussion with the author has not been this long.

This condition is of course be pitied, especially when we know the potential economic livestock Garut sheep is not only synonymous with the sheep complaints, the quality of sheep meat Garut also has nutritional value that is quite good compared to the goats to meet the consumption needs of the community. Moreover, not only used meat only, skin Garut Lamb can be the raw material for making high quality jacket. 2005 data obtained from the website Garut district, based on industry standard jacket Garut sheep skin can absorb the labor force with the 2656 export value of Rp. 84.7 billion to various destination countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia. Garut sheep cattle dung can provide benefits and value of benefits when treated with either the creation of materials as organic fertilizers.

From the results of the research conducted, the needs of burly plants can be met in the provision of organic fertilizer with the results of fermentation of raw materials that sheep dung is very useful for improving agricultural production. A graduate of Japan’s main researchers from the Central Crops Research and medicine Aromatika – Bogor, Dr. Ir. Mesak Tombe, at this time to find the technology that already have patents to improve the quality of organic fertilizer produced from cattle dung, technology is called Bio Triba. Packed in the form of a liquid formula with the actual microorganisms B. Pantotkenticus strain J2 and T. Lactae strain TB1.

Technology has found Dr. Ir. Mesak Tombe very helpful in the process of maturation of cattle dung into organic fertilizer period between 1 – 2 weeks. Not only that, this technology can also be applied on organic waste processing market and the household. The advantages this technology can play a role is also as a bio-fungicide to control disease in plants. Is appropriate when the business sector is livestock and agriculture must be each other together. Especially at this time farmers in the difficult position between the increase in production costs as a result of the price of fertilizer, which continues to rebound, on the other side wishes the farmers can not raise prices so that more low income earnings. Terbesit the idea to combine livestock with Garut Lamb freshwater fisheries sector. Design corral sheep on the stage made up of fish ponds.

The local market segmentation, Garut Lamb has the potential of multi-user market. As presented by Ramada as Director Eka Agro Rama AGRI company as a business concern in the business of cattle and sheep Garut organic agriculture. And this makes the livestock Garut Lamb worthy to be developed as an option in the animal husbandry sector. The biggest potential market is the first livestock Garut sheep to meet the needs of the annual sacrifice of worship. Then follow the needs of daily consumption of meat is good households, restaurants and cafés sate. Next is a aqiqah needs, and the last is always looking for penghobi seeds Garut Lamb male superior.

Dr explanation. Ismeth Inounu, major field of research and genetic pemuliaan Center of Research and Development of Animal Husbandry (Puslitbangnak – Deptan RI), namely the visit to the location of the sheep farm Eka Agro Rama Garut, Bandung regency, West Java province in April, the government at this time to give serious attention the business sector for the development and multiplication of livestock sheep and goats, among others, Garut Lamb.

Not only pure groove pemuliaan program to restore the best quality livestock Garut sheep, but sheep composite development program to be able to produce offspring or new bibitunggulan are also zealous to do. Berbagaimacam the invention of technology-related reproductive cattle sheep continue to be developed to facilitate efforts to increase sheep production and quality, as an example laserpuntur technology and hormonal needle that will be very useful for synchronizing bulk birahi and marriage. The success of local sheep with the sheep Sumatra St. Croix and the Islands of virgins Barbados sheep, and sheep with the sheep Garut St. Croix sheep and Moulton’s French, is the development of a composite of the sheep was successfully performed by Puslitbangnak – RI Deptan application of the invention of technologies.

Not limited only to the location of livestock in Eka Agro Rama has also been successful development of a composite sheep marriage Garut Sheep Suffolk Sheep female with pejantan from the UK, and Garut female sheep with Merino pejantan – Australia has a quality that Anakan akan far better so that it can meet the needs of meat consumption. Nature is Yanuardi as Director of Operations with the hands dinginnya successfully run the program development is a composite sheep.

In the business of cattle and sheep Garut Eka Agro Rama not move alone. With the potential to penetrate the local market opportunities and a world that is still quite large. Dirintis the efforts of cooperation from the upstream to the downstream sector in order to achieve the desired business cattle. One partner is always working to help Eka Agro Rama in business development, among others, is Kampoeng Livestock – Wallet Dhua’fa Republika. The existence Kampoeng Livestock – Wallet Dhua’fa Republika should diacungi thumbs in the development of sub sector animal husbandry sheep goats in Indonesia. Tebar Hewan program and Sacrifice 1000 Aqiqah being carried by livestock Kampoeng not only aims to promote the business of cattle sheep and goats in Indonesia, but also aims to help the poor in sheep meat consumption needs. As described Purnomo, Director of SPT as Kampoeng Livestock – Wallet Dhua’fa Republika. Eka Agro Rama own more focused at this time engaged in the business sector and the multiplication of Garut sheep. Garut Lamb provision needs to sacrifice quality, aqiqah, with stalls and restaurants to sate pavement We are a dream, said Agus Ramada. Salam Sehat sheep farmer!

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